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Pastor Lan & Aletha

Lead Pastor Lan & Aletha Blair

We believe that God has great things in store for YOU and for us. As we celebrate His Love and expect great things I cannot help but be grateful for what I sense is His pleasure in giving us His Kingdom.

His grace and mercy are extended to us because He really is in a good mood and has a superior Plan for our lives. He wants to bless His world and us His people. In fact He wants to bless everybody and is more than willing to pour out that blessing to the Pre-believer through each of us as His children.

Come on, Child of God. If you have not yet found a church home, Abundant Grace is a safe place to plant your seed, drop your roots and produce great fruit for the Kingdom of God!
“Overview of heart for the church…” My heart’s desire for those I serve at Abundant Grace is that they may come to realize who they truly are called to be in Christ Jesus. I am most thrilled when I can REACH someone with the Love and Power of God, TEACH them the inerrant Word and Biblical principles as foundational truth and RELEASE them into their newly discovered God-called gifts and ministries.

When those I serve rise up in their most Holy faith becoming confident in the God Who loves them and find out they can be effective in REACHING, TEACHING and RELEASING others, then I have been well used by the Hand of God. My dream is a House of Faith filled with believers each having a servant’s heart, trusting their God, living in His power, effective in His grace, dangerous to the kingdom of darkness and setting people free in the Name of Jesus Christ. THAT is my calling as Lead Pastor!

Pastor Lan and Aletha were both raised in churches dedicated to reaching the Pre-believer for Christ. They met during a community outreach effort in 1966 when their youth groups canvassed door to door. He soon joined the Air Force and their romance was sustained by letter and phone until they married in Nov, 1967. A wedding prophecy declared that theirs would be a very unusual ministry.

After discharge from the service he served as an Assistant Minister, worked secularly and finished college in 1974 and took their first pastorate in California. Pastor Lan was ordained in 1976 and ministered at other pastorates arriving at Abundant Grace in April, 1998. Truly the Blairs have discovered that God Who has called them as young teens has been faithful to develop their lives for His purpose and has supplied all their needs for them and their adult children and grandchildren.


have been blessed to serve Abundant Grace as Associate/Youth pastor since July of 2007. They have served in full time ministry since 1994 following graduation from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. They are excited to see student's lives transformed by the unconditional, everlasting Love of God. The Wiles' have 3 amazing children Devin, Davia and Durante (Dewey).