Felix & Eileen

Felix & Eileen Ponce

Felix is one of our church Advisory Board members and Eileen is one of our children's church (Kids Cove) teachers.

Greg & Brenda

Greg & Brenda Shumake

Greg is the director of worship. Greg and Brenda have been involved in worship ministry for over 20 years. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.

Brenda has served as an Administrator for Danny Chambers Ministries out of Nashville, TN, Product Manager for Paul Wilbur Ministries out of Jacksonville, FL, and Administrator for Greg Shumake Ministries. 

Greg has served as a Worship Pastor in Colorado Springs, CO, Co-laborer with Danny Chambers Ministries, and Music Director for Paul Wilbur Ministries traveling domestically and internationally. In addition to these, he has ministered on his own as a Worship Leader, Conference Speaker, Studio Musician, and Preacher of the Gospel. Their passion is to see others live out an intimate relationship with God. 

They count it an honor to serve along with us here in Lake Havasu City.