iServe #Prayer 1

Posted by admin on January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!  2014!  A marvelous New Year awaits us.  We do not yet know what this year holds for any of us.  But we will live it out facing every situation with the assurance that The Lord will lead and guide us into and through each step of the way.  After all, Jesus is already in our tomorrow and He invites us into it with the confidence that He Who started a good work in us will be able to ‘complete’ or ‘mature’ or ‘bring to fruitfulness’ all He has planned for us in Christ Jesus.


Our key phrase for 2014 utilizes a strong spiritual emphasis by making use of modern phenomena with which our youthful generation is so familiar.  Items like the i-phone, i-pads and other i-items have worked their way into our language.  And sometime around 2003, a Carnegie Mellon University graduate named Chris Messina conceived the use of the symbol # and popularized its use as “hashtag” by the social media networks.  It was and is a way to direct conversations and topics among Twitter users or bloggers.  {per Wikipedia}


We have developed a God-powered slogan to help propel us through 2014.  It is one of our strongest desires at Abundant Grace to display the true heart of a servant to our House of Faith and beyond our walls to our community.  So, we introduce the “HASHTAG” by using its symbol, “#”, along with the “i” letter to emphasize our slogan each month.


2014 we call the Year of Service by using the term “i-Serve” and in January we define it further by highlighting “Prayer.”  Beginning today the Assemblies of God around our nation will call for a week of Prayer and Fasting to touch the Heart of God for our nation and the world.  Please join us in prayer and do whatever you can whether it may be fasting one meal a day or more and using that time to pray.  Let us touch Heaven and make an impact upon our families, friends, Church, city, state, nation and world.  Our efforts in prayer will also have a wonderful effect on our own lives.


Come on, Child of God… i-Serve #Prayer.